In 1991, six independent foodservice distributors joined together to achieve a competitive advantage through consolidated purchasing, collective marketing and networking. The founders called the initiative “Produce Regional Operators Advancing Cooperative Trade.” Now, most people just know us as PRO*ACT.Today, the PRO*ACT family is more than 50 members strong and our collective power is impressive:

  • 71 distribution centers
  • 3.5 million square feet of warehouse space
  • 1,950 distribution trucks
  • 2.6 million miles of coast-to-coast distribution

Canadian Produce Marketing Association

CPMA members include major growers/shippers/packers/marketers, importer/exporters, transporters, brokers, distributor/wholesalers, retailers, fresh cuts and foodservice distributors/operators and processors that integrate all segments of the fresh produce industry.

CPMA is proud to represent international and Canadian members who are responsible for 90% of the fresh fruit and vegetable sales in Canada. CPMA is funded by the industry through voluntary membership and various services, activities and sponsorship programs. 

Fruit's and Vegetable DRC

The DRC provides harmonized standards, procedures and services to our members to help them avoid commercial disputes. When differences of opinion occur, we provide consultation, mediation and arbitration services to resolve the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Half Your Plate

Half Your Plate focuses on providing simple and practical ways to add a variety of fruits and veggies to every meal and snack.

Half Your Plate is meant to be fun, practical and informative while providing tips on how to prepare fruits and veggies using different colours, flavours and textures for meals and snacks at home, at school, at work, eating out or on the go. Check out the recipes section for more ideas on how to incorporate fruits and veggies into every meal!

Greener Fields Together

Greener Fields Together is a sustainability program for the entire produce value chain. It was created and is administered by PRO*ACT and will be run by PRO*ACT and its national network of independently-owned local purveyors. As a formalized, stand-alone program, Greener Fields Together engages and involves farmers, distributors, foodservice operators and retail locations in efforts to work toward safer produce from seed to fork 

Colorful Plates

Fresh produce plays a vital role in a healthy diet; enhancing every meal with a variety of tastes, textures, and necessary nutrients. From fine dining to fast casual, consider this your first stop when planning meals for every facet of food service